A lot of random people pop up in life, voice one of them! "Our Crynicles" is gonna need a whole cast 👀

Walls need art! Let me adorn mine with your masterpieces. 

Get some promo for your business! I'll find ways to corporate it, I promise. 

Peep the menus! The entire set was created in Cool Runnings, a black-owned restaurant.  

Guarantee your song's addition to the official soundtrack! Which can be found on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify! 

Maybe you just wanna get your brand out there? I'll put it on a T-shirt for the world to see :)

Are you a creator? Have something you want on TV? I'll put it on mine. 

This episode was released only 3 days before general admission, but next time I think I'll make it a week ;) with no ads.

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